New Organ Pipes

Newman Restorations is pleased to offer the highest quality, expertly voiced organ pipes for your orchestrion or band organ project. Our pipes are hand made with utmost attention to precision and quality workmanship. Each rank is built to meet your specific needs and requirements. Here are some of the pipes we build:

Flute pipes glued up and ready for sealing.
Mitering requires precision cutting and splining to ensure a strong joint.
Original pipes from a Peerless orchestrion were duplicated for another similar machine missing its pipes.
Notice the complex mitering required to fit the pipes in the piano.
New Piccolos Sealed and Ready for Shellacking.
Piccolos ready for installation of tuning scrolls.
Precisely turning two new reed blocks for a band organ.
New violins glued up and ready for sealing.
2 sets of completed violin pipes.
This set of violin pipes is for a Seeburg F orchestrion. Notice the mitered lower pipes.
Carefully checking windway depth.
The new reed block complete with shallot, reed and tuning wire.
New brass piccolo pipe.